What is Fashion Forward?
Fashion Forward is a collaborative effort of wardrobe stylists and image consultants working together to fill the needs of clients on a local and national level.   We represent individuals who enjoy the freedom of being self employed, but need a bigger connection in order to land business with clients on a local and national scope.  We celebrate Fashion Forward thinkers who thrive on working independently, but can also work within a team to make a personal impact with clients. We believe that clothes will not change the world, but the women who wear them will!  As a result, Fashion Forward is no stranger to being active in the community as writers "spreading the love" and philanthropists "spreading the wealth".  If you are a full time fashionista and want to be a part of the "greater good" contact us. 
Our Story
The founder of Fashion Forward began to scratch the surface on what opportunities awaited her in the fashion industry by walking the streets of New York City partaking in the events of New York Fashion Week.  By matching up her wealth of business experience, and her passion for fashion...Fashion Forward was born.  No stranger to business ownership, she trusted her entrepreneurial instincts and decided to start a fashion business.  Establishing a structured network and viable work relationships for full time wardrobe stylists, business owners and community leaders has been a dream come true.  Fashion Forward thrives off of offering fashion advice, wardrobe styling, hitting the runway, personal shopping and event planning. Whether it is someone needing help auditing their closet, assistance shopping for a big event, designers needing a keen eye for their big runway show or a photo shoot...Fashion Forward is available!
During this short journey, Fashion Forward has been featured in a number of online publications and on radio. We are affiliated with Nordstrom and are a Style Watch A-Lister for People Magazine.  We consistently cover runway and are available for wardrobe styling, personal shopping, menswear, writing, event planning and more. 
The Journalists of Fashion Forward
Fashion Forward is nuts about runway and doesn't miss an opportunity to hit runway shows throughout the year. How else can we offer sound wardrobe advice if we aren't in tune with what up and coming designers are stitching together?  In addition to doing freelance fashion corresspondent work, Fashion Forward also provides content to select publications and represents designer brands at major fashion events to get their label, brand and collections exposed. 

The Philantropists of Fashion Forward
Being the "giving back" spirits that we are, Fashion Forward hasn't wasted any time getting aligned with and promoting a good cause in the fashion world.  One of our most active collaborations is with an organization by the name of Shoe Revolt.  ATTENTION SHOEISTAS!!!  Fashion Forward needs your help encouraging celebrities to donate their gently used (but fabulous) shoes to a great cause. Shoe Revolt auctions off celebrity shoes to fund efforts associated with putting an end to domestic human trafficking.  In 2013, Shoe Revolt got the attention of and donations from celebrities such as Jada Pinkett-Smith and Julia Ormond.
In addition to the collaboration with Shoe Revolt, as an organization we also work with Macy's during their "Shop for a Cause" campaign as well as The All State Purple Purse Challenge supported by Kerry Washington.  Fashion Forward also dedicates resources annually to a community event known as the prom dress exchange which is held each March. This event allows highschool girls to buy a gently used prom dress for only $10.  We strive to "pay it forward" in the fashion industry by fostering an environment where members of the industry and legitimate non profits can establish viable long term cause partnerships.