The Consult
Everything starts off with a thirty minute FREE consultation. This allows us to get to know each other better and establish realistic goals together.  Contact us today.
Most Popular Options
Wardrobe Styling & Personal Shopping:  Help us help you!  We will go through your closet together and eliminate those pieces collecting dust, and re-invent those classic pieces that everyone should hang on to. We will shop for you or coach you up on how to shop. We won't leave until we have put together a few outfits for you based on your current wardrobe, lifestyle and/or for upcoming events. Anything purged can be donated to goodwill, dress for success or sold on eBay for $$$ to a charity of your choice.  Schedule an appointment today.

Fashionable Correspondence: Need personal and professional representation for your brand or business at major events? We have professionals on hand who can represent your brand or business in the market. After all, you can't be everywhere at once!  In addition, if you ever need written and visual content to keep things "fresh"...we specialize in creating original written and visual content for your brand. We provide "the goods" you need for press releases, social media and/or your website.  Hire a professional today.
Event Planning:  Let's talk about your event!  We host events to assist in promoting you, your cause and/or your brand.  There is no event that is too big or too small.  You have enough to worry about. Let Fashion Forward take care of the logistics and administration of your next event. Tell us all about your event.